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Brian Craig has 17 years of experience as a lawyer. Before starting his own law firm, Brian worked for several years in the legal publishing and legal information services industry as an attorney for Thomson-Reuters and Wolters Kluwer gaining experience with contracts, employment law, real estate law, tax law, privacy law, and other practice areas. 

Besides helping clients, Brian teaches online legal courses at Purdue University Global and Brigham Young University-Idaho, including courses in civil litigation, business law, family law, criminal law, and media law. He previously taught at the University of Minnesota Law School.

Brian is also an accomplished legal writer. He authored Cyberlaw: The Law of the Internet and Information Technology, a textbook published by Pearson. His next book entitled Stringfellow Acid Pits: The Toxic and Legal Legacy published by the University of Michigan Press will be available in 2020. He has also written other articles relating to real estate law, privacy law, legal writing, and legal history. 

Brian serves as a volunteer attorney with the Thursday Night Bar free legal clinic held at the Historic Courthouse in Logan on the second Thursday of the month.

A resident of Providence, Brian enjoys hiking up Logan Canyon, reading John Grisham novels, and playing the piano.


JD, University of Idaho, 2001

BA, Brigham Young University, 1997


Books available on Amazon

Stringfellow Acid Pits: The Toxic and Legal Legacy (University of Michigan Press, forthcoming February 2020)

Latter Day Lawyers (Kindle Direct Publishing, 2019), foreword by Senator Harry Reid

Cyberlaw: The Law of the Internet and Information Technology (Pearson, 2012)

Selected Articles available here

Effective Use of the Hyphen, En Dash, and Em Dash in Legal Writing, The Federal Lawyer, 45, official publication of the Federal Bar Association (September/October 2019)

Why Young Families Need An Estate Plan, Cache Valley Family Magazine, Fall 2019, 30. 

Book Review: Before Lincoln Saved the Union, He Fought to Save a Client from the Gallows, Utah Bar Journal, Vol. 32, No. 5, 26 (September/October 2019)

Guest commentary: Nine legal tips for Logan landlords, tenants, Herald Journal, July 17, 2019 

Online Satellite and Aerial Images: Issues and Analysis, 83 North Dakota Law Review 547 (2007) 

Construction and Constitutionality of the Freedom to Display the American Flag Act, 36 Real Estate Law Journal 7 (2007)

The Freedom to Display the American Flag Act: Implications for Counsel Representing Associations and Homeowners, 36 Real Estate Review 27 (2007)

Beyond Black’s and Webster’s: The Persuasive Value of Thesauri in Legal Research and Writing, 16 Perspectives: Teaching Legal Research & Writing 169 (2007)

Legal Briefs: Helpful but also Hazardous, 13 Perspectives: Teaching Legal Research & Writing 132 (2005)

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Book Cover for Stringfellow Acid Pits: The Toxic and Legal Legacy by Brian Craig

Book Release in February 2020

Stringfellow Acid Pits: The Toxic and Legal Legacy describes the history surrounding arguably one of the most contaminated places in the United States and the epic legal battle involving the hazardous waste site in Southern California. In the 1960s and 1970s, heavy rains forced surges of chemical-laden water into Pyrite Creek and the nearby town of Glen Avon. Some children even played in the froth, making fake beards on their faces with the chemical foam. The liquid waste contaminated the groundwater threatening the drinking water for hundreds of thousands of California residents. Penny Newman, a special education teacher and a mother, led a grass-roots effort of so-called “hysterical housewives” who demanded answers and fought to clean up the toxic dump. The ensuing three-decade legal saga is regarded as one of the most complex cases in American legal history. 

Stringfellow Acid Pits: The Toxic and Legal Legacy, published by the University of Michigan Press, is now available for pre-order on Amazon.

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